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Reliance Insurance Company Tanzania Ltd was promoted in 1998 in light of the opportunities offered by the privatization of the insurance industry, and a reputable local businessman collaborated with Pan Africa Insurance Company Limited in Nairobi, Kenya for the infusion of the initial amount envisaged. Capital of 600 million shillings. APA Insurance Limited, acquired the shares resulting from the merger of Pan African Insurance and Apollo Insurance.
The company was among the first few licensed in 1998 and started operating in October 1998. The company has made steady progress and built a strong financial base and reputation for a customer-oriented culture.
APA Insurance Limited: 34.00%
Tanzanians: 33.33%
Other foreign investors: 32.67%
One of the leading private non-life insurance companies in Tanzania offering a wide range of products to cover all types of property and exposure to liability risks such as fire, general crime, accidents, motor vehicles, freight etc., committed to excellence in customer service and good corporate governance
Currently, our reinsurance program is led by Africa Re and other reinsurers are East Africa Re, GIC Of India, Tan Re, PTA Re and Ghana Re.
Reinsurance is a critical factor for the success of any insurance company. The guiding principle for the structure of our reinsurance programs is neither under nor excessive but only sufficient.
our partners
A P A for health, marine, aviation, and other general insurance risks. Its offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu and Nyeri employ over 130 well-trained professionals to meet the needs of the insured. The company has established long-standing reinsurance relationships through its professionals who meet the needs of the insured. The Company has long had reinsurance relationships through its parent companies and has the ability to take on greater risks due to the greater capabilities of the agreements.
A P A Insurance is growing into the largest general insurance underwriting company in the region with its associate company in Tanzania – Reliance Insurance Company Limited. By the end of 2005, it pledged in Kenya a total premium income of over one billion five hundred million.
Born from the merger of the general business of Apollo Insurance Company Limited and Pan Africa Insurance Company Limited, A P A Insurance Limited, which began with a fortune of ninety years of combined experience from parent organizations. A P A Insurance Limited was established in 2003 and commenced operations on January 1, 2004.
Founded in 1946 in Mombasa as Indo – Africa Insurance Co Limited, Pan Africa Insurance Company Limited was the first insurance company to be listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 1964. Pan Africa Insurance carried out life and general insurance.
Apollo Insurance Company Limited is the first locally listed insurance company, established in 1977 in Mombasa. In 1981 the Nairobi office was opened and in 1997 it became the head office. Known for innovation and dynamism, Apollo has grown steadily and with the advent of the Health Division in 1999 became one of the top 10 insurance companies in Kenya, in 2003 it underwritten gross premiums in excess of Shunki. Eight hundred and fifty million in its general division.
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