Songea District Council-Ruvuma, Tanzania

Songea District Council is one of eight (8) Ruvuma Regional Councils established under the Local Government Authorities Act 1982. It came into operation on 01/01/1982.
The name Songea was derived from the name of the traditional leader of the Wangoni tribe chief Songea. Its headquarters are in Peramiho ward, Lundusi village
99.21 percent of the land is suitable for agricultural, livestock and mining activities. 0.79 percent is a watershed area that is suitable for fishing activities.
Geographically the district is bordered by Mbinga district, Songea Municipal Council to the west and northwest to Nyasa district and Mozambique to the north. The climate is mixed.
An educated society with a better life by 2025
To provide quality social and economic services through the efficient and effective use of resources and good governance for improving living standards.