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GDI is an incubator for transformative development projects, working to build and expand the next generation of social impact solutions.
Whether these concepts originate from industry experts, or are developed and tested by ourselves, we create new approaches to address persistent global issues.
Over the course of 12 to 36 months, we deploy our functional teams to help early stage initiatives design their strategy and business model, develop their brand identity, recruit and retain talent, and build their financial and operational infrastructure.
break the silos
We listen closely, question the process, and bridge sectors to find the best solutions to specific problems.
We hold ourselves accountable
We work closely with our partners every step of the way and measure our success by the real-world impact we create, not just the advice we give.
Make connections
We catalyze potential partnerships and connect opportunities for funders, individuals and organizations to work together towards common goals.
Think long term

We engage and empower organizations and initiatives to stand alone as influencers in their fields.