Tanzania National e-Procurement System (TANePS)

Tanzania National e-Procurement System
About TANePS
TANePS (Tanzania National Electronic Procurement System) is a collaborative web-based system, developed in accordance with the requirements of public procurement laws, to facilitate public procurement operations in Tanzania. It provides a secure, interactive and dynamic environment for making purchases of all categories, complexity or value.
TANePS supports commodity and business purchases, advisory, non-advisory and asset disposals. The system supports various public procurement procedures including user registration, bid notification, bid preparation and submission, online bid evaluation, contract award, catalog creation and management, creation and management of framework agreements, auctions and payments. System actions will be carried out in accordance with the instructions issued for the use of the system
Contact Information
Helpdesk contact details
Email: support@ppra.go.tz
Telephone: +255 (0)26 2963854
+255 (0)624 494949
+255 (0)736 494948
Fax: +255 (0)26 2963855

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