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The Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) was officially opened by the Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa Kassim on 2 July 2017. The launch of TARURA was followed by the announcement in Government Gazette No. GN 211 of 12 May 2017.
The Prime Minister directed TARURA to reject the gross corruption that is involved in tender processes, especially in road projects. “Only competent contractors should be hired to implement road projects through competitive tenders,” said the Prime Minister. He also instructed TARURA to address the poor management of construction contracts between Contractors and the Authority in road projects, insisting on transparency in all public works contracts.
Mh. Majaliwa warned some district council officials who were accused of shifting the use of funds allocated for road projects to other projects, saying that the money should be spent on planned projects.
He said that TARURA will facilitate improvements to the network of rural and urban roads, and enable people to transport crops and other items from villages to urban areas.
“The new agency is key to improving agricultural productivity by facilitating the export of produce to the market. It will also be important for our economic growth,” he added, adding that TARURA will help change people’s lives, reduce the risk and time spent on the road.
Hon. Majaliwa said the new agency will facilitate the provision of social services to people especially in rural areas. He also approved the allocation of funds from the Road Fund to the Roads Agency TANROAD and TARURA at 70 and 30 percent, respectively.
Earlier, the Minister of State in the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government, Hon. George Simbachawene, appealed to the Prime Minister through the allocation of funds from the Road Fund to TANROAD and TARURA.
“TARURA is the key to social development and will boost the national economy,” he said, noting that road infrastructure helps to improve productivity in agriculture and also facilitate the delivery of social services to the people.
The Minister pointed out that the road network under Local Government Authorities has 108,942.2 kilometers, which is more than half of the national road network.
The goal of TARURA is to provide sustainable and cost-effective maintenance and development of the Rural and Urban Road Network to support socio-economic development in Tanzania.
Be a leading institution in the management of the network of rural and urban roads.
The agency’s role is to plan, design, build, rehabilitate and maintain the network of rural and urban roads based on cost effectiveness for sustainable social and economic development
Based on the goal, vision and mission, the main objectives of TARURA will be: –
i) Reducing HIV / AIDS transmission and improving support services
ii) Strengthen and develop the National Anti-Corruption Policy
iii) Improving the network of Rural and Urban Roads
iv) Improving the management of Financial Resources
v) Improving human resource management.
vi) Improving the capacity of institutions to fulfill the required responsibilities
The result
The Agency has six (6) objectives over the five-year Strategic Plan period (2016/2017 – 2020/2021) which, when successfully implemented, is expected to result in a foundation based on the support and support of development and maintenance of the rural and urban road network. .

TARURA works
Jobs to sell TARURA will be: –
i) Develop and maintain a network of Rural and Urban Roads
ii) Conducting engineering traffic and economic research for maintenance and improvement of road network
iii) Establish, maintain and improve road management systems
iv) Obtaining the purchase and management of contracts for design, emergency maintenance, and maintenance of faulty parts, and road construction
v) Improve road safety and manage environmental impacts on road network
vi) Establish and maintain proper rural and urban roads
vii) Establish and implement Vehicle Scales and implement cargo controls in the network of rural and urban roads
viii) Provide technical support, management, quality assurance and control
ix) Negotiate agreements with private sector bodies to facilitate funding and development of selected roads in accordance with guidelines set by the Minister.
x) Find a balanced approach on technical standards to promote a sustainable network of rural and urban roads
xi) Conduct research or collaboration with any research organization with the aim of facilitating the Organization’s plan, development and maintenance activities
xii) Repair and protection of road reserves
xiii) Advise the Ministry responsible for Regional Administration and Local Government on the issues of rural and urban roads.
Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency – Iringa
P.O.BOX 1027,
Iringa, Tanzania
Email: rco.iringa@tarura.go.tz