Zuri Zanzibar Hotel

The word “Zuri” means “beautiful” in Swahili, which is the language of the island of Zanzibar. And that’s exactly the feeling we want you to experience in 12 hectares of microcosm. When considering the best way to express the beauty of ZURI to you, we focused precisely on three main areas:

The beach has been the reason I bought the land many years ago. Unlike most beaches of Zanzibar where one has to walk 500m to swim at low tide, our beach, set in the big lake, is always perfect. I’ve traveled the world and stayed at the most exclusive seaside property, but I still consider Zuri Beach to be one of the best beach on earth. It is not only the white sand and the amazing color of the turquoise Indian Ocean, but also the local way of life, which is cheerful and optimistic. When you see sailboats (traditional wooden sailing boats) in the distance during a stunning sunset, you don’t need to practice mindfulness training or meditation to enjoy the present moment and understand the power of the now.

The hotel does not have rooms. Only villas and bungalows. Each is separated from each other for ultimate privacy, and they are all equipped with outdoor showers and large balconies. Our land could easily fit twice as many homes, but we decided to build only 56 of them. Located on a west facing slope, most units have direct sea views. And our ceilings reach to the sky: African-style ceilings provide a picturesque cathedral-like feel above your bed that can’t be compared to anything you might find in busy western cities. On the other hand, being so far from civilization we didn’t want to compromise on the quality of your connection to the rest of the world which is why we built our own dedicated fast internet line to the mainland – the only hotel in Zanzibar so far!

The park is the icing on the cake. I don’t mean the private spice garden that covers a quarter of our land – the only one of its kind in the area. I mean, Zuri itself is the garden. All the villas and bungalows are just part of an enormous tropical garden that you can enjoy by walking and investigating. It took hundreds of gardeners and landscape designers more than two years to choose all the trees and flowers that you can enjoy. The result is a massive homage to the Zanzibar Summit and its rich historical legacy.

Today, when more and more things tend to taste the same, it is no exaggeration to say that Zanzibar is different. The colors are located directly on the equator, they are more intense, more saturated and vibrant. And for some reason, time passes differently too! In this environment, it is very easy to forget our daily routine, awaken our latent imagination, and perceive life from a new angle. Stop ‘working’ and start ‘existing’. Because, after all, – we are human, not human! And it all started in Africa 🙂

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