Where should i save my files in Computer?

where should i save my files in Computer?
It is recommended to save all data in your personal media (USB drive, CD-RW / DVD-RW, etc.) as this will give you the best protection and security against power outages and failures. We do not recommend saving any data to the hard drive of the computer you are using as these files are removed upon logging out/restarting.
On Windows PCs, you can save files to your desktop, which gives you quick access to files you might use often. To save to the desktop, choose the Save As option, and in the Save window, click the desktop icon on the left side of the window.
On Windows computers, most files you work on are saved to drive C:, which is the default drive. To save to another drive (for example, a flash drive), you will need to know the drive letter and specify that drive letter when saving the file.
My documents
On Windows computers, by default, all document-related files (for example, word processor and spreadsheet files) are saved to the My Documents folder automatically. We recommend keeping all documents in this folder to make it easy to back up all your important files.
My pictures
Like the Documents folder, by default, pictures are automatically saved to the Pictures folder.
You can save almost any file online in cloud storage. Many companies offer file storage options in the cloud, making files accessible from any computer and other computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Files in cloud storage can be shared with other users, allowing them to view and modify files if they are given permission.