How to Use a Stylus on Your Tablet PC

Use a Stylus on Your Tablet PC

Tablet computers feature a touch screen. You can use your finger as an input device, but your finger is short and short, and please, you need a manicure. The best option is to use a digitizer pen or stylus.
Introduction to the digital pen
A pen is a pointing device, like a mouse. For the most part, it works just like a mouse: tap the screen to click, double-click, right-click, etc.
Well: there is no such thing as right-clicking. Before using it, take a look at the pen. Check out the important parts.

The stylus pen works by touching the screen of the tablet, and it is a digitizer. In Windows, the touch of the pen is interpreted similarly to the movement of the mouse. You can point the pen at the screen, touch the screen, and manipulate items in interesting ways, as described elsewhere in this chapter.
The function of the pen buttons varies. In general, one of the input buttons is the right-click button. On a two-button stylus, the second button is the Erase button.
Some tablet computers come with a stylus. If not, the pen should be purchased as an add-on. As long as the pen is compatible with Windows, you can use it on your tablet. But remember:
“Just because a laptop features a touch screen doesn’t mean a digital pen acts as an input device.”
To make sure that your tablet can use a digital pen, follow these steps:
Press the start button.
Choose the Settings icon.
Click on Devices.
From the categories on the left side of the window, choose Pen & Windows Ink. If you see the stylus heading to the right side of the screen, the tablet can use a digital stylus.
The Pen element in the Settings app can also be used to adjust the sides of the pen. The number of options available depends on the capabilities of the pen’s hardware.
Some digital pens use batteries. If so, go to the battery store now to buy a spare battery or two.
If the digital pen has one button, it’s the right-click button.

“Some tablets feature a stylus lanyard, which is a place where you can attach the stylus to the tablet using a nylon cord. This lanyard comes in handy for all of us pen rails, who hate the difficulty of looking under an airline seat for anything.”
“The Microsoft Surface Pen is a wireless Bluetooth peripheral device. It automatically connects to your Surface tablet. Other pens may require additional setup, such as Bluetooth pairing or some other type of interface. Some simple pens may work by simply interacting with your laptop’s touch screen.”
How to use the pen as a mouse
Most of the time, you use a digital pen with your tablet just as you use a mouse on your desktop computer. It makes an excellent pointing device, but it has its own quirks.
The following table lists the pen and mouse equations.
Pen and Mouse Actions

Mouse Activity   Pen Equivalent                                       Description
Point                          Hover                                Hover the stylus over the touch screen. (do not touch!)
Click                            Tap                                                  Tap pen on screen.
Double-click       Double-Tap                          Tap the stylus twice in the same place.
Right click             Long Tap                             Tap and hold the pen in the same place.
Drag                          Drag                                  Touch the stylus on the screen and move the stylus slightly.
Right drag         Right drag                               Press and hold the pen button while keeping the pen on the screen.

As you move or point your mouse on the screen – without touching the screen – the stylus cursor appears. This little target is called the pointer pen.

“It’s easier to navigate the menus when moving the pen, rather than dragging the pen.”
“You can simulate right-clicking by holding the pen button and then clicking on the screen. If the pen has two buttons, the right-click button is the top button.”
“You can always use your finger to click or drag items on the screen. I find it easiest to use my finger to scroll through a document or move a window.”