How to Remove/Uninstall a Program from Your Computer

How to Remove/Uninstall a Program from Your Computer

If you don’t use a program on your PC, you may want to consider removing or uninstalling it. Removing a program from your computer may improve the performance of your computer, which can crash when your hard drive is too crowded.
To remove a program from your computer:

  1. Choose Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a Program (under the Programs and Features category).

2. Click on a program and then click the Uninstall button (sometimes called Uninstall/Change) that appears.

Although some programs will display their uninstall screen, in most cases, a confirmation dialog will appear.
If you click the Change or Uninstall button, some programs will be removed without you having to enter more information. Really make sure you don’t need a program before you remove it, or that you have the original on your disk (or disk) so you can reinstall it if you need it again.

3. If you are sure you want to remove the program, click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
An action progress dialog appears; It disappears when the program is removed.

4. Click the Close button.
The Uninstall or Change Program window closes.