Where to Start Overhauling Your Online Business

Where to Start Overhauling Your Online Business

When you decide what changes you want to implement for your online business, you can base part of your decision on a distinct resource: your customers! Carrying out a customer survey is a quick way to get facts about your site. Keep these suggestions in mind when doing this type of research online:
Select the basics. Choose only the most important information you want to discover about your site. A comprehensive survey becomes long and complex, so choose only three to five areas. Including more areas in your survey ensures that you bring in a professional to manage it.

Keep it simple. Web surfers have a limited time and limited interest. Your best results come from making the survey simple and short.

Offer an incentive.Thank customers for always taking the time to share their opinions. Even better, offer a small incentive (a discount on your next purchase, for example) in exchange for feedback.

Select your clients. Decide who will be conducting your survey: potential clients or loyal customers who know your business.

Great online survey tools are available. Try SurveyMonkey, which offers a full suite of survey products and template options that start at less than $20 a month. The site also offers a free basic survey option that’s perfect for quick surveys or for smaller sites. Another of our favorite survey tools is SoGoSurvey, which offers the ability to create online polls, polls, and quizzes.