How to Add New Hardware Using Windows Vista

How to Add New Hardware Using Windows Vista

Thanks to Plug and Play technology, when you plug something into your computer’s USB port, such as an iPod, cameras, or scanners, Vista almost always recognizes it and leaves it ready to go. But if Vista doesn’t recognize something, you need to know how to add new hardware using the Windows Vista Add Hardware Wizard.

1. Choose Start → Control Panel and click Classic View on the left.

2. Double-click the Add Device icon, click Continue (if prompted), and then click Next to allow the wizard to search for and install the device automatically.
Presents the Add Windows Vista Hardware Wizard for any part you’ve connected to your computer—if Vista recognizes one.

3. If Windows Vista locates your new partition, select the name of the newly installed partition from the Windows Vista menu and click Finish.
Simply follow the rest of the wizard’s instructions to complete the installation. You may need to restart your computer before it finishes.
4. If the wizard does not find the new pane, click Next and follow the instructions.
If you’re lucky, the device name will be listed in the list of devices available for download. Just click on the device and follow the instructions from there. However, if Windows cannot automatically locate the newly installed part, contact your hardware manufacturer and request a Windows Vista driver. (Drivers are often downloadable from the manufacturer’s website.)

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