What is Morse code: Who invented it?

What is Morse code: Who invented it?

Samuel Morse (1791–1872)

Morse was an American painter and inventor who invented the single-wire telegraph system and co-invented the Morse code.

A method widely used today to transmit textual information.

Range of tones in and out. His invention quickly changed the way messages were sent and received around the world.

Who invented it?

Morse code is still in use today in various areas of wireless communication.

Although he was considered poor for most of his life, he was able to live as an accomplished painter until he focused his interests on electromagnetism and electrical communications.

There is a bitter truth behind every new invention.

What Is Morse Code For I love you?

A dot can be represented by any short tonal sound notated as “·” in the International Morse Code alphabet. In English text transmission, it is usually expressed with a T. The point length varies from very short to extended depending on where it is located within the letter frame spaces and word spaces. Read More