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Cape Town KiteSurfing Season | Travel Guides and Holiday;-¬†Why visit? It is famous for its strong and reliable winds from December to February. Shoulder months in November and March are usually the best; Some may think it is better than the base season because of the small population on the water. The wind blows about five days a week between 20-40 knots, starts small at around 10 in the morning and accumulates daily until ten o’clock in the evening when its socks are already blown.

There are several beaches to climb along the 10-15-mile coastline stretching from south to north from Sunset Beach and on to Big Bay or even farther away for the bravest. These groups of sandy beaches provide excellent opportunities for winds.

If the game of kitesurfing is not the only thing on the agenda, then Cape Town and the surrounding area could have no more to offer to outside fans through the soothing emotions of those who do not consider themselves adrenaline addicts. Attractive landscapes, unique coffee culture or fascinating vineyards mention just some of the attractions.

Cape Town Kitesurfing Lessons: Cape Town Kite Surfing Season


Wind and Climate

The weather here is very heavy. Daytime temperatures are high and dry in the early 20 ‘to’ 30s early, suitable for riders, bikinis and flip flops while the evening can be cool in the wind and you may need a pair of jeans or a hat. It helps to sleep well at night as the night temperatures are cool and pleasant. Another thing to consider is that the sun is very hot, so it is important to hit the hot sun. The water temperature is cool and refreshing, so bring a 4 or 5mm rain suit.


You can avoid renting a car in Cape Town if you choose accommodation wisely on the Big Bay or Blouberg beach, but car rental is highly recommended because there is only so much to see, do and climb during your stay.
Check out and for some of the most famous car rental companies in the airport, or many kitesurfer operators choose to rent from more local companies including and

Food and Beverages

There are a wide variety of restaurants and cafes across Big Bay, Blouberg and Capetown where you can choose any food you want from fast food pizza or Nando’s to high quality fish and seafood and beef, springbok, kudu. and ostrich.

Some of the best restaurants to try are Carne in Capetown for the great steak, Paranga in Camps Bay for good seafood, Black Sheep on Kloof St for a variety of South African cuisine & Primi Piatti in Table view where there is something for everyone. More top tips are heading to Melissas in Illustration Table for breakfast with Carlucci’s at Blouberg for lunch.

No Wind?

Blouberg and the surrounding area are just huge. Some no wind time is necessary. The place is so beautiful. Choose from rocky outcrops from Chapman to Cape point, close-up experience with monkeys, mountain biking in Stellanbosch, table / climb Mountain Mountain, lively markets such as The Old Biscuit Mill open Saturday morning in Capetown or Bay Harbor Market Hout Bay. Do not forget the green wine fields and the Franschhoek and Stellnbosch Mountains, as well as always having a feast to catch at sunset.

The Internet

Capetown’s only hurdle is its awkward network. Most accommodation options do not come with Wi-Fi, but there are plenty of lovely restaurants like Carluccio’s in Blouberg to get your hit online. It does not matter when you go online it is very slow.


There are many sections from 5 self-service apartments that you can find on gumtree or other online accommodation guides such as through various budget hostels such as or the most luxurious hostel capetownkiteclub. .com. Prices start at £ 10 a night in a hostel up to £ 200 a night for a good 4/5 bedroom house.


South Africa is notorious for crime, but this is often considered by people who have not yet arrived in Cape Town to be worse off than it is. You need to keep your common sense about you as you would in any major city, but once you get to Cape Town International, you will find that crime is not as big a topic as some people might think.