Ministry of State in the President’s Office for Civil Service and Good Governance(Tanzania)

Ministry of State in the President’s Office for Civil Service and Good Governance
The Office of the President, Public Service Administration and Good Governance (PO PSMGG) is a department under the Office of the President as per Government Notice No. 143 of 2016. Prior to 2016 it was known as the Office of the President, Public Service Administration (PO-PSM). Its chief accountant and chief executive is the permanent secretary, who has a workforce of around 300 employees. Formerly known as the Civil Service Administration, it was transferred to the Office of the President, Public Service Administration (PO-PSM) in 2003 to comply with the newly enacted Public Service Act No. 8 of 2002. Alongside the transformation, the opportunity was seized to accommodate considerations of efficiency and effectiveness in public service management, in particular the implementation of ongoing public service reforms and service delivery.
Job Role and Scope:
The role of the PO-PSMGG is to assist the Chief of Public Service (First Secretary) with personnel and administration related matters of the Public Service in the entire governmental system. According to Government Notice No. 144 of 2016 on Ministerial Responsibilities, the specific functions of PO-PSMGG include:
Administration, e-government, public service housing, archives and records management, and human resource management policies and their implementation
Public Service Administration
performance contracts
Human resource development and planning
Payroll management
Public Service Ethics
Management services, improve public service performance
Establishment of executive agencies
Services of retired state leaders
Coordination of accountability and transparency
public sector reforms
Improving performance and developing human resources under this office
Non-ministerial departments, quasi-governmental organizations, agencies, programs and projects of this office.
The vision of PO-PSM reflects the government’s broader development agenda for poverty reduction as stipulated in the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction (NSGRP)
So the vision of PO-PSM is stated as follows:
To become a global institution of excellence that enables the public service to deliver high quality services and thus contribute to high economic growth, poverty reduction and better welfare for all Tanzanians by 2025
Its mission is:
Ensuring efficient and effective management of the public service, by improving the management of human resources, systems and structures.
Core Values ​​of Public Service
Pursuit of Service Excellence: Public servants will strive to achieve the highest standards in their work and actively seek opportunities to improve those standards.
Loyalty to Government: Public servants will faithfully serve the duly elected government at that time and will comply with the legal instructions of their ministers and directors.
Diligence in Duty: Public servants will attend regularly during their working hours and will devote themselves fully to their work during this time.
Neutrality in service: Public officials will not engage in political activities in the workplace, nor will they allow their political views to influence the performance of their duties.
Integrity: Public officials will not seek or accept gifts, favors or solicitations in the course of their duties. They will not use public property or official time for their own purposes.
Courtesy of all: Public officials will treat their clients and colleagues with kindness. Public servants will regard themselves as servants of the Tanzanian people, and will be taken into particular consideration when dealing with vulnerable members of the public, such as the elderly, the poor, the sick, the disabled, and other disadvantaged groups in society.
Respect for the law: Public officials will not commit any illegal act in the course of their duties.
Proper Use of Official Information: Public servants will not withhold information that the public is entitled to know, nor information needed by ministers or other public officials. They will not disclose or misuse confidential official more