Manyara Region: Opportunities in Tanzania

Manyara Region is one of the 31 administrative districts in Tanzania. The regional capital is Babati. According to the 2012 national census, the area’s population was 1,425,131, which is lower than a pre-census projection of 1,497,555. The third highest in the country. It was also the 22nd most densely populated area with a population of 32 people per square kilometer.
Lake Manyara is located in the northern part of the region. It is bordered to the north by Arusha Region, to the northeast by Kilimanjaro region, to the east by Tanga region, to the south by Dodoma Region, to the southeast by Morogoro region, to the southwest by Singida region, and to the northwest by Simiyu region. The highest mountain in the Manyara region is Mount Hanang.