Moshi District Council-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Moshi District Council
Moshi District Council was established in January, 1984 by provisions of section 8 and 9 of the Local Government (District Authorities) Act 1982 with 45 Councilors in Number, of which 27 were elected, 1 each from the Wards within the Council, 5 were elected by the Council from the persons nominated by party Organizations and 3 were appointed by the Minister .1 Member of Parliament represented the consistency (Moshi Rural) and 9 were elected by the Council from amongst the villages Chairmen.
The Moshi District Council is one of the seven administrative councils of the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. The council is bordered to the north by the Rombo District, to the west by the Hai District, to the east by the Mwanga District and Kenya, and to the south by the Arusha Region district.
According to the 2012 census, the population of the Moshi District was 466,737

The council is administratively divided into 31 wards:
Arusha Chini
Kahe Mashariki
Kibosho Kati
Kibosho Magharibi
Kibosho Mashariki
Kilema Kaskazini
Kilema Kati
Kilema Kusini
Kirua Vunjo Kusini
Kirua Vunjo Magharibi
Kirua Vunjo Mashariki
Mamba Kaskazini
Mamba Kusini
Marangu Magharibi
Marangu Mashariki
Mwika Kaskazini
Mwika Kusini
Old Moshi Magharibi
Old Moshi Mashariki
Uru Mashariki
Uru Shimbwe
Uru Kusini
Uru Kaskazini