Mpanda Town Council-Katavi, Tanzania

1.0 Introduction
Mpanda Municipal Council started as Mpanda Township Authority on July 1, 1990, according to Government Gazette No. 137 of June 8, 1990. In addition, on July 1, 2003, the Certificate of Establishment of Small Town Authority was issued by Mother Council (Mpanda District Council). Two years later the Government through Government Gazette No. 218 dated July 29, 2005 announced its intention to establish a Mpanda Town Council. Accordingly, the Government announced the official establishment of Mpanda Town Council on July 1, 2007 through Government Proclamation No. 136 dated 29 September 2006. This Council is one of 13 new Councils officially established in the financial year 2007/2008, with its separation from on their previous Councils. Mpanda Municipal Council was officially announced on 01 July 2015 through Government Proclamation No. 220
1.2 Chapter of Mpanda Municipal Council
Mpanda Municipal Council is one of the 5 Councils within the Katavi Region. Located in western Tanzania, Mpanda Municipal Council is located in the center of Katavi region in the Katumba highlands among the 5 agricultural regions of the Katavi Region. The municipality is located between latitudes 5o 15 ’and 7o 3’ and 15-30 south of the equator and longitude 30o 31 and 33o00 east of the equator. It is bordered on the north by the District Council, and on the east by the Nsimbo Council
1.2 Geographical Status
Mpanda Municipality has a temperate climate for most of the year. The average annual temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, The coldest weather starts in June to July with a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius. Rain begins in November and ends in late April. The average rainfall is 1000 to 1200 mm per year, which is accompanied by occasional thunderstorms and thunderstorms
1.3 Administrative area

Mpanda Municipality has an area of ​​527 square kilometers of which 30 square kilometers is part of Water. Administrative Municipality has 2 divisions in 15 counties, 43 streets, 14 villages and 78 Suburbs.
1.6 Population
According to the August, 2012 Population and Housing Census the population of Mpanda Municipal Council is 118,150. Of these men are 58,116, women are 60,034. The population growth is 3.6 percent per year and has a total of 24,275 households, an average of 4.9 percent per household. Currently (2018) Mpanda Municipal Council is estimated to have a population of 146,081 of which 71,855 are males and 74,226 females and 30,014 households
Mpanda Municipality has the following Wards
Ikola | Ilela | Ilembo | Ilunde | Inyonga | Kabungu | Karema | Kashaulili | Kasokola | Katuma | Katumba | Kawajense | Kibaoni | Machimboni | Magamba | Mamba | Mbede | Mishamo | Misunkumilo | Mpanda Ndogo | Mtapenda | Mwese | Nsemulwa | Nsimbo | Shanwe | Sitalike | Ugalla | Urwira | Usevya | Utende