MO Assurance Company Limited

MO Assurance Company Limited
The MO Assurance Company (MOA) which started its journey under the name Golden Crescent Assurance is the first step in the financial services sector by the promoters of the METL group of companies (Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited). METL is a household name in Tanzania, their products are popular in every home in Tanzania which contribute to approximately 3% of the country’s GDP.
The company commenced operations on the 1st of March 2007 and has established itself as a stable and growing non-life insurance company in the market with a strong mix of portfolios and a significant presence in the micro-insurance sector. The Department of Agriculture pioneered entering the mobile insurance landscape with unique micro health and small life insurance plans. At present under the umbrella of micro-insurance of the Ministry of Agriculture more than 600,000 people are covered. We also entered into agricultural insurance through weather index insurance schemes for farmers. The company’s focus is to provide affordable insurance coverage to as many people as possible. The Ministry of Agriculture aims to position itself as an “insurance company for individuals”.
As a rebranding initiative, the company’s name was changed from Golden Crescent to MO Assurance recently, to align it with the larger group identity of the MeTL Conglomeration.
Proudly Tanzanian
MO Assurance is a fully privately and professionally managed Tanzanian public insurance company that has:
100% Tanzanian contribution and
All Tanzanian Directors on the Board of Directors
It is an independent entity organized with the stake owned by the Dewji family, the promoters of METL.
our vision
To be the preferred insurance company for the people of Tanzania
our mission
We are a fully people-centric Tanzania owned insurance company, providing cost effective insurance solutions with superior customer service.
What we believe in our core values
social communication
We see our community as an integral part of our identity and treat it as our duty to work for the betterment of society.
worthy of trust
We keep our promises and are committed to doing business the right way.

Focus on the customer
We strive to meet the needs of our customers by providing high quality products and claims services to make their lives better and risk free
work as one team
We instill a strong team work ethic among all team members in order to exceed the expectations of our policyholders and create an environment in which all team members can freely contribute to improving work processes and the environment.
We act with integrity by providing an environment and relationships in which our team members and other stakeholders feel their honesty is valued and honored
We value ethical profitability. We want to make sure that MO Assurance. It will remain competitive in the future and contribute to the financial security of our customers and employees.