Kibaha Town Council-pwani, Tanzania

Kibaha Town Council is one of the 9 Coastal Councils that
was established on September 17, 2004 by Act No. 7 and 8 of 1982 sub-section
8 and 9 of the Regional Administration and Local Government (Cities / District Authorities) by proclamation
in Government Gazette (GN No.352) dated 19/04/2004 and certificate of establishment
signed by the Secretary of Parliament on October 17, 2007
Kibaha Town Council like any other council is under the supervision of the Office
of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government, however the operational authority
Daily Councilors are placed under 19 councilors among them, 14 Councilors are representatives of
Citizens from the ward and 5 Councilors of Special Seats. All are available either by
elected or by appointment in accordance with Article 19 of the Act. In general
operational activities and the execution of day-to-day responsibilities are under the direction of the City Director.
Kibaha City Council is located 40 km from Dar-es-Salaam. Moreover, it is bordered
Ubungo Municipality East, Bagamoyo North, Kisarawe South
and the small Mlandizi Town on the West. It is among nine (9) councils
legally available in the Coast Region. Kibaha Town Council is located between latitudes 6.8 °
South with longitude 38.2 ° and 38.5 ° East and connected to Bagamoyo city by
roads that are passable all the time.
Kibaha City Council receives the warmest weather during the month of December, and
In the winter of July each year. In addition, Kibaha Town Council receives rain
average, however some areas receive less rain.For Five consecutive years
, Kibaha Town Council has received a minimum rainfall of not more than 700 mm
Kibaha Town Council, based on the Annual Population and Housing Census data
2012, Estimated population 128,488 of whom 65,835 are Women and Men are
62,653 with 17,788 households and an average of 4.1 people per household.
49% of Kibaha Town residents are men while women are 51% (According to
2012 National Census) .Average Total 95 men out of 100 women.Currently
Kibaha Town Council is estimated to have a population of 144,241 of whom 70,334 are
73,906 men and women.

The vision of Kibaha City Council is “To be a Council with good environment and high quality services for sustainable development by 2025”.

The mission of Kibaha City Council is to “Provide high quality services and create a conducive environment for investing in the efficient use of available resources for sustainable development”.
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