Mafia District Council-Mafia, Pwani

Mafia District Council
Mafia District Council is one of nine (9) Districts in the Coast Region established in 1959. Other districts include Bagamoyo, Kibaha Town, Kibaha, Chalinze, Kisarawe, Mkuranga, Kibiti and Rufiji. Geographically Mafia District is a collection of eight islands in the Indian Ocean 195 km south of Dar es Salaam. The islands are Mafia (main island), Jibondo, Mbarakuni, Shungimbili, Nyororo, Juani, Bwejuu and Chole. The islands of Mbarakuni, Shungimbili and Nyororo are the only temporary settlements for fishermen. The mafia island is located between longitude 39 ° E – 40 ° E and latitude 7.38oS.
Location and Boundaries
Mafia District has a total area of ​​972 square kilometers, of which 407 square kilometers is land and 565 is the waters of the Indian Ocean. Mafia District is bordered by Mkuranga Districts – north, Rufiji and Kilwa – Southwest and Indian Ocean – southeast.
Administrative Area
Mafia District was established in 1959, has two Divisions (North and South), 8 Wards, 23 Registered Villages and 136 Suburbs. Mafia District has one Electoral Constituency.
Mafia Island (Kisiwa cha Mafia) is an island off the coast of Tanzania. The island is the third largest of the extended Zanzibar Archipelago, but is not administratively included within the semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar, which has been politically separate since 1890. Mafia Island forms the major part of Mafia District, one of the nine administrative districts in the Pwani coastal region. The local archipelago and the main island are sometimes called Chole shamba in Swahili, hinterlands of the former maintown of Chole on Mafia Bay.
The island’s population is over 40,000. The economy is based on fishing, subsistence agriculture and the market in Kilindoni. The island attracts some tourists, mainly scuba divers, birdwatchers, game fishermen, and people wanting relaxation.