Shinyanga Municipal Council-Shinyanga, Tanzania

Shinyanga Municipal Council is one of the eight districts of the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania and includes the city of Shinyanga. It is bordered to the north by the Mwanza Region, to the south by the Shinyanga Rural District, to the east by the Kishapu District, and to the west by the Kahama District.
According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Shinyanga Urban District was 135,166
Around Old Shinyanga settlement there was a big tree, referred to by the natives (local residents in the area) as Inyanga. Around the tree there was a settlement which later on was renamed Inyanga settlement. The non-natives (aliens) found it difficult to pronounce Inyanga and instead used to call the place as Shinyanga. The name became used and common and as a result the settlement was thence named it Shinyanga.
The newly renamed settlement grew up and later on because amongst the major service centre in the Lake Region / Zone. In addition to holding service centre status the settlement was also an administrative centre for colonial rulers, in particular, the German administration.
The administration functions were later shifted to the present Shinyanga Municipality location in 1928 after completion of railway line construction linking Tabora and Mwanza urban centers. With the establishment of railway station at a place hitherto known as Kizumbi, which was by then under the ruling of Chief Wamba, the administrative and several social services and facilities were established around the place.
The establishment of administrative functions to the area around the newly established railway station marked formal transfer of administrative functions from Old Shinyanga to the present Municipality locality. Since then Shinyanga Municipality developed and grew to become the major service centre in the region and is still maintaining the regional headquarters status.
The Vision
“Provision of quality social and economic services so as to enable Shinyanga Municipal community to raise both their incomes and the living standards by 2025”
The Mission
“Shinyanga Municipal council aims to provide quality social and economic services to the people with view to achieving sustainable economic growth and income levels that correspond with population growth through effective utilization of the available opportunities by 2025”

The Shinyanga Urban District is administratively divided into 13 wards:
Shinyanga Mjini