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With over 20 years of experience in the petroleum trading sector, the members of Augusta’s management team are leaders in their areas of expertise. Their proven integrity, network of contacts and expertise in finance and risk management combine to provide optimal solutions to our clients.
What is our strength
Long-term relationships with our clients
Direct access to the best prices
Effective Communication Network
Reliable and steady flow of products
The wealth of experience of our team in Geneva, along with our network of specialists spread throughout the world markets, guarantee the highest level of performance.
Our development:
Founded in 2010, Augusta Energy has grown significantly. We are now present in more than twenty countries, our business has grown, and we are now engaged in local distribution as well as ship refueling.
We are confident in the future of Africa, in its economic and human development, and put all our resources into the development of our activities on the continent, constantly striving to establish partnerships with local actors.
For a trader of crude oil and petroleum products, achieving success leaves no room for improvisation. Multiple talents must be integrated and managed to handle logistical constraints, in order to reduce delays and improve operational results. Managing the unexpected is a talent our team has developed over many years of collective experience. We dedicate utmost importance to the smallest details, aiming for perfection in all our dealings.
The key to our philosophy is to treat our customers as our partners. By establishing a close working relationship with our peers, we aim to reach a common goal.
We provide tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of our clients. We work with them to grow their business, reduce risks, and provide access to the lowest prices in the international markets for petroleum and petroleum products

Augusta Energy Tanzania Limited
Managing Director,
P.O. Box 4967
Plot No. 486 Msasani Peninsula Kinondoni
Dar es Salaam