TANROADS Njombe Contact details and Address

TANROADS Njombe Contact details and Address;- About TANROADSThe Tanzania National Road Agency (TANROADS) was established on 1st July 2000 by order published in the Official Gazette, Notice No. 293 of 2000 under Section 3 (1) of the Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997, with the expectation of witnessing significant improvement in the maintenance and development of Methods with respect to quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The authority is responsible for managing 35,000 km of roads consisting of 12,786 km of main roads and 22.214 km of regional roads in accordance with Roads Law No. 13 of 2007 and subsequent reclassification until June 2015.

TANROADS Njombe Contact details and Address

Have a sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly all-weather road network and regional road network to support the social and economic development of Tanzania
Develop, maintain and manage the major and regional road network in an efficient, cost-effective, safe and environmentally sustainable manner consistent with the PRS and other government policies through a competent and well-motivated workforce.

Core Values
Customer focus
work as one team

Contact details and Address

Tanzania National Roads Agency – Njombe
P.O BOX 885
Njombe, Tanzania
Email: rm-njombe@tanroads.go.tz
Phone Number: +255 26 2782211
Fax: +255 26 2782212
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