GSM Mall Msasani, Dar es salaam – Tanzania

GSM Mall Msasani
Trendy merchandise at an excellent value
Our business model is synonymous with offering fashionable merchandise at an excellent value. The value model is the core of a company’s existence.
Being a value retailer means lower profit margins for popular brands because we drive value, connection, and adoption. GSM MALLS, the premier shopping mall brands in Tanzania, is revolutionizing the retail experience in Dar es Salaam. GSM MALL MSASANI, GSM MALL PUGU MALL / MLIMANI CITY, BABYSHOP, CORTEFIEL, SPLASH – MLIMANI CITY are built to meet international quality standards and offer retail outlets for your brand. We understand that our clients have obligations to their clients, and we realize that it is very important that we fulfill our commitment towards our clients and enable them to fulfill their obligations.
A heavy emphasis is placed on communication, both locally and with our customers’ suppliers. It is essential that all parties involved are able to communicate well at all levels. It is our responsibility to ensure that this happens and that everyone involved is aware of all transactions and events. We believe that our customers are well served and very happy with how far we will go for them.
Coca Cola Road, Mikocheni Industrial Area
P O Box 6244, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
+255 22 2183777
+255 22 2183769

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