La Casa Preciosa, Tanga Contact Details

Located in one of Tanga’s most pristine areas, Casa Preciosa is a family-run business offering a specially curated experience unlike any other in the City.

We are dedicated to offering the best accommodation services and experience in Tanga. As the name suggests, this is a Precious House. Once a family home that raised three children before life took them elsewhere, we want to share the same family values with our guests.

We have Nine self-contained rooms on offer for guests to book individually or rent out the entire house. Breakfast is served every morning with an option for guests to use the kitchen for lunch or dinner. Comfort, security, and peace of mind is a common feeling to have while with us and come at an extremely affordable price.

Embrace feeling at home while far from home at La Casa Preciosa. We have specifically curated an experience that imbues a homely feel with comfort and security for guests.

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