NGOME SACCOs Limited, Contacts and Address

NGOME SACCOS LTD is a Cooperative and Savings and Credit Cooperative Association established on April 30, 2007 in accordance with Act No. 20 of 2003, It was registered in the Government Register and registered DSR 991 as a financial services organization.

Its members are “Officers, Soldiers, Retirees as well as Civil Servants of the Ministry of Defense and National Service and those who have moved to other ministries as active Members of the SACCOS Fortress.

Being the best SACCOS has a low-interest rate leading to the provision of national and international financial services

Collect savings for low-interest rates and educate them on how to use these loans wisely to build their economic capacity and quality of life.

Fundamentals are an important issue when managing party activities as they help to achieve the party’s goals on time.
The Association shall adhere to the following values ​​when carrying out its activities: –

The success of the party will be achieved if there is cooperation and close co-operation between the members, the Executive Board, and other stakeholders. It is the responsibility of every stakeholder to provide Cooperation where necessary.
Party leaders, Members, and executives should be responsible for the broader interests of the Party.
Caring for members
Party leaders and executives will always have to provide the best possible service to their members.
You know
The activities of the association shall be conducted in a transparent manner in accordance with the principles of protection of the member (Consumer protection) as well as in accordance with the rules, regulations and guidelines of the party.
The Board and the executives will be required to adhere to and adhere to the professional standards they have in place when conducting party activities.
Party leaders, as well as executives, must be honest when conducting party activities.
Volunteer and self-help (Self-help)
Party leaders and executives are encouraged to be committed and self-reliant at all times for the benefit of the party and its members.

Leaders and executives must be honest at all times.
Party services will be provided on an ad hoc basis.
Leaders will be required not to provide party information without permission.

Mwenge, Bagamoyo Road, P.O.Box 35923, Dar es salaam-Tanzania
Tel: – (+255) 76702551
Tel: – (+255) 658025551
Website: –