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One institution
Emerson Zanzibar consists of one establishment, two heritage hotels, three unique restaurants and four exclusive dining experiences founded by the illustrious Emerson Skeens. Inspired by his intense passion for the local community, Skeens established Emerson’s Foundation in Zanzibar. And despite Skeens’ passing in 2014, the foundation continues to make a difference in society today.
2 hotels
The boutique hotels Emerson Spice Hotel and Emerson on Hurumzi Hotel are rated some of the best in Stone Town. They are within walking distance of each other in the historic heart of Stone Town.

Three restaurants
Both hotels have a great rooftop restaurant: the Tea House at Emerson Spice and the Tea House at Emerson on Hurumzi. Emerson Spice also has a charming, romantic Secret Garden restaurant. A visit to these restaurants will provide you with a unique Zanzibar ambiance that reflects an interesting mix of cultures.

Four dining experiences
The three restaurants offer four different and unique dining experiences.
Dining in the Secret Garden can be done from 17.00 à la carte.
The dining experience at Tea House’s rooftop restaurants begins at sunset with dinner served straight away at 7pm.

Emerson Zanzibar Packages
Stone Town is a destination in itself and is a great base from which to explore Zanzibar. Check out our various packages that provide an opportunity to experience as much of Stone Town as possible during your vacation time frame.
From sunset to sunrise – includes dinner for two, overnight in one of our beautiful rooms, and breakfast on your veranda overlooking Stone Town.
The Zanzibar Senses – 4 nights offers an immersive experience of life in Stone Town, its rich tapestry of cultures and religions and the hustle and bustle of modern Swahili.

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