V-filters company LTD, Address and Contact Details

V&T Group BV has specialized in a wide range of filtration technologies for over 22 years. It is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in Hungary (manufacturing and sales), the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. The V&T Group also works with agents in Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Norway, England and Japan. All member companies of the V&T Group have their own offices and institutions. Together, the group enjoys a strong position in the problem-solving market for air and liquid purification.

Most of the filter experts working in the V&T Group have more than 15 years of experience engineering and manufacturing filter systems for both air and liquid filtration and process.
The bulk of our fluid filtration systems are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Hungary and our final assembly workshop in the Netherlands. Besides our own products, we offer filters from well-known manufacturers from the European Union and the United States.
We manufacture our air filters in modern production facilities in Belgium, Germany, Italy and England.

The Managing Director and Main Shareholder is Frans de Vreede MSc. His experience in the field of filtration technology began in 1980. For a decade he was President of the Dutch Nominating Association and for 3 years he was a member of the Board of Directors of the British Nominating and Separation Association.

At V&T Group, we also stand by our customers after the initial delivery. We know that customer loyalty is built not only on superior product quality, but also on the manufacturer’s motivation to provide lifelong product assistance. That’s why our service team is always at your service. All of our offices and agents have expert mechanics who will assist you in getting your filter system started. They will also make sure that the system will be well maintained during its life.

We can also offer our customers high service in countries where we do not have a local office or agent. In this case we will send our service team members to the location where you need them.
At V&T Group, we not only provide a high quality filtration system, but we also feel responsible for the operation, functionality and performance of our filters.
V&T Group BV
Einsteinstraat 8
3281 NJ Numansdorp Nederland
Tel: 31 (0)186 574151
E-mail: info@v-tfiltergroup.