How to change keyboard settings on Computer/ Laptop

Change keyboard settings on Computer/ Laptop

The keyboard is the primary input device for your computer. Knowing how to control the keyboard or change keyboard settings is crucial to the operation of your computer.

After pressing and holding a key for a certain time, that key repeats. Pausing before a key is repeated is to delay the iteration. The speed at which a key character (or function) repeats is the iteration rate. These two items that control the keyboard are set using the Keyboard Properties dialog box, as shown in the following figure. One additional item is available in this dialog: the speed at which the indicator blinks is indicated by the blink rate.

To open the dialog, from the main control panel choose Hardware and Sound and then Keyboard. Or, from the classic view of the Control Panel, open the Keyboard icon.

In the Keyboard Properties dialog, use the mouse to manipulate the scroll bars in the dialog to set rates, then test the rates in the text box provided. Click the OK or Apply button only when you are happy.