Parts of computer and their functions

Understanding the basic parts and components of your computer makes you better prepared to use it.
Here is a summary of the components of the PC:

  • Console: The main computer case is the console, although it may also be called a system unit or a central processing unit (which is incorrect). It is a chest that contains the soul of the computer and its electronic courage. On the outside, the console has many buttons, lights, and holes that connect the rest of the computer system.


  • Monitor: The monitor is the device in which the computer displays information, and outputs it. A common mistake that new computer users make is assuming that the monitor is the computer. No, the console is the computer. The screen only displays information.


  • Keyboard: The thing you type on. It is the primary method of communicating with a computer, through input.


  • Mouse: There are no rodents or pests, a computer mouse is a useful device that allows you to work with graphic objects that your computer displays on the screen.


  • Speakers: Computers beep and sound through a set of stereo speakers, which can be external functions you set up, speakers built into the console or monitor, or perhaps even headphones. Pay more money and you can even get a subwoofer to sit under your desk.


  • Printer: This is where you get your computer’s printed output, also called the hard copy.