The Types of PC Backup Drives

Backup drives meant inexpensive, slow-running tape drives. Today, even high-priced digital audio tape (DAT) backup drives are rapidly losing ground in the backup drive world. Instead, you now have three options to choose from when backing up your system:

  • DVD recorder (especially DVD-RAM drive): It can store more than 9GB per double-sided disc.


  • Online Backup: Use a commercial online backup service. (This solution is only applicable if you are using a broadband internet connection; backing up to a large hard drive takes a long time over a 56KB pokey modem.)


  • FireWire and USB 2.0 External Backup Hard Drive: An example is the Maxtor One-Touch 4, which comes in sizes from 320GB to 1TB. It allows you to start a full, automated backup of your system by pressing the button on the front of the drive.


  • The Maxtor unit isn’t cheap, but what’s the value of your documents and files? No matter what backup method you use, do your duty as a guardian of your computer and back up your system!