How to Connect Your Hardware for Logic Pro X

How to Connect Your Hardware for Logic Pro X

If you plan to record audio, you will need a way to input audio into Logic Pro. Your Mac might have a line or built-in microphone. These devices may work in a jiffy, but professional-quality recordings need professional hardware. Fortunately, most professional devices are compatible with Logic Pro X, so you should have a simple plug and play experience.

After you connect your audio device, you can tell Logic Pro how to use it by choosing Logic Pro X → Preferences → Audio. Select the “Devices” tab and use the “Output device and input device” drop-down menus to choose your audio devices.

“You can quickly access Logic Pro X preferences by pressing Command + Comma (,). This key command will display preferences in most applications on your Mac.”


Likewise, if you plan to control Logic Pro from a MIDI controller, your computer must be connected to the console. Many consoles will send and receive MIDI via USB, eliminating the need for a third-party interface. Other consoles may use 5-pin DIN cables and require a hardware MIDI interface to move between the computer and the console.

After you connect your MIDI controller, Logic Pro will automatically listen for your controller’s signals on the currently selected track. Playing software instruments with a MIDI keyboard controller is usually a plug-and-play experience without the need for customization.

With all your devices connected, Logic Pro X is ready and waiting for your commands

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