How to Define Your Target Audience on Twitter

How to Define Your Target Audience on Twitter

Choosing a target audience is the first step in building your Twitter marketing plan. Choosing people to target on Twitter is different from choosing the market in a more traditional environment. When trying to determine the target audience you want to reach on Twitter, answer two questions:

  • Who would appeal to your product or service? For example, a travel company might target retirees for a vacation. The video game company may target single men between the ages of 20 and 30.


  • Who do you care? This may not be appropriate in traditional marketing, but it does exist in the Twitter environment because you are building relationships. So, in the case of a travel company, this may be a retiree who has been dreaming all his life of traveling to Hawaii. In the case of a video game company, this might be someone who wants to camp outside a store waiting for a new game to be released.

Review your current demographics (target audience) so you can form an honest opinion of your customer. Why reinvent the wheel? Either you have a basic idea of ​​your target audience or you already have a certain group of people who buy your product or service. For example, perhaps Marie is the typical customer, a stay-at-home mom with three kids who buys your soccer balls. Or maybe Paul, the white-collar professional who works 90 hours a week, or Janice, the grandmother of your best friend. Or maybe some of your customers are small business owners.

Reviewing your existing customers and putting them in the mix can also help you figure out who you should target on Twitter. If you’re starting a new business and you don’t yet have a good idea of ​​who you’re targeting, review the questions listed earlier in this section to help with the brainstorming process.
A concept that many business owners or professionals fail to understand when it comes to brainstorming new business strategies is asking your customers’ opinions. When discovering your target audience on Twitter, look at your existing customers. Are they on Twitter? Ask those customers who use Twitter for tips on who you want to target on Twitter. Getting input from your existing customers can go a long way to help you implement your strategy. You can send out surveys via email or just pick up the phone to get input from your existing customers.