Use MicroWorlds EX to Make Your Own Mini Golf Game

You can build this game with MicroWorlds EX free demo in about an hour. Mini golf is fun both in the real world and in the world of video games! Creating a mini golf like the one shown in the figure requires green paint, pits, and a water trap; Markup controls for shooting and hitting the ball; and encode reactions to hitting (falling into the water, hitting an obstacle, and dumping the ball).
While creating your game, you learn the following coding skills:
background drawing
Create and modify shapes
Putting things on screen
Control the appearance and movement of objects on the screen
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Ready to get started?
Download the PDF for a step-by-step guide to creating your own Mini Golf.
Check out these step-by-step videos that show you how to build a MicroWorlds EX mini golf game:
MicroWorlds EX: Get started on your golf game: Build the green, the hole, and the obstacles (Part 1)
You can create a mini golf course with MicroWorlds EX. This video shows you how to get by creating a golf green, the hole, and the obstacles on your course. Obstacles are built as objects, and MircoWorlds refers to the objects as “turtles.”
How to Create a Golf Ball in MicroWorlds EX (Part 2)
Quickly create a golf ball in MicroWorlds EX by modifying an existing shape rather than creating one from scratch. This video shows you how to create an object (or “turtle hatch”), turn a soccer ball into a golf ball, and then turn your turtle into a golf ball.
MicroWorlds EX: Create buttons to aim and hit a golf ball (Part 3)
Learn how to create buttons to aim and hit a golf ball in MicroWorlds EX. This video shows you how to create commands to drive, hit, or tap the golf ball north, east, south, or west. It also shows you how to maneuver your golf ball around the obstacle on your course.
How to Create Actions and Announcements in MicroWorlds EX (Part 4)
If a turtle (your golf ball) falls into the water trap or hole, have your game respond appropriately by generating instructions on color, which you accomplish in MicroWorlds EX by creating actions. I grouped the primitives together to make actions, and grouped the actions together to take other actions. You can create a flag for your pits to make your game look more fun and realistic, and consider freezing the golf ball so that no player can cheat by simply grabbing it and putting it in the hole.

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