Featuring Photos and Slides on Your Business Website

Featuring Photos and Slides on Your Business Website

Pictures and slide shows are excellent ways to showcase your products, services, activities, and experiences. Although photos can be posted on your company’s website or blog, photo and slide sharing sites allow others to comment on them, forward them to others, and learn more about your company.
Use the search function on any of these photo-sharing sites to see how many, if any, your competitors are using them. Having many competitors is a strong hint that your business should be there as well. The absence of competition is a mystery: it can give you a temporary advantage or indicate that the effort isn’t worth it. Being first isn’t always the best idea.
You can achieve multiple marketing goals by following this tip for using photo sharing sites:

  • Throw out a wider network of potential clients. Some potential customers prefer looking at pictures over reading words! It’s all part of looking for new horizons wherever they are. Display images of your company, products or services, accompanied by informative descriptions, to get customers’ attention.


  • Attract viewers with samples of your products. For example, see Bleeding Heart Bakery. Whether you sell scarves, hookahs, candles, or cakes, you can use photo sharing to attract visitors with representative products.


  • View photos of completed projects. Image sites work extremely well for architects, builders, builders, home painters as well as for interior design, landscape, product, packaging and any other business with highly visible business results. This tip is excellent for service companies such as Wojcik Lawn Care & Landscaping or McClain’s Painting Service.


  • Building awareness of creative work. In perhaps the most obvious photo-sharing app, creative people can showcase their portfolios to a wide audience. Since these sites make it easy to upload, index and remove photos, many artists use photo sharing sites as a free alternative to editing websites. Watch ceramic artist Marilou Newdigt for example.


  • Promote your brand and website visits. By using your logo, tags, web address, and links on profile pages on these Services, you can build name recognition.


  • Improved search engine optimization. Image and slide sharing sites can be helpful for your search engine optimization strategy. Each site may be slightly different. I talk more about SEO in the next section “Optimizing Images for SEO”.


  • Complement your website or social media pages with additional images. For example, you can display thumbnails on your website or a single image from a group or slide series of images, with supplemental images on a photo-sharing site.


  • Advertise to photographers. Photo sharing sites are a great way to offer photographers goods and services, such as cameras, lenses, photo editing software, lighting equipment, workshops, studio space, or photo safari travel packages.


  • Improve customer service. Upload images whose use is restricted to specific clients or invitees, and may be marked as private for limited visibility. You can post photos of work in progress, photos of potential sites or buildings, or photos of optional product features. This feature is especially useful when images are of interest to an audience that is smaller than the audience your website serves.


  • Content collaboration. Shutterfly has the advantage of private sharing sites to help people easily collaborate on creating photo albums, whether private or public. For example, American Youth Soccer Organization uses Shutterfly to sign up online, share photos and videos, manage schedules, access volunteer assignments, and do more.


  • Building community participation and noise. In a new interactive app, Marvel Comics has created a Flickr group for movie fans to post their photos with Incredible Hulk statues that have been placed in movie theater lobbies to promote the movie.


  • Build your expertise with presentations and slide shows. Slide shows and PowerPoint presentations are very valuable tools in the B2B world. To increase your visibility and reputation as an expert, post your presentations from webinars, speeches, product demos, and tech support trends on sites like Slideshare.