ROAR Capital, Contact Details and Address

ROAR Capital

Rohr Capital Ventures is a growing investment company
headquartered in Sweden, established
With the aim of providing alternative investment opportunities for
our investors. we
Focus on the Swedish investment landscape to produce value for
our investors. and we
We hope to achieve our goal through
1. Investing in assets created for wealth, such as direct property and growth Business.
2. Acquiring assets for less than their real value.
3. Building a margin of safety between the purchase and the
investment cost base.
4. Define and focus on improving value and making that
appreciation in value a reality.
5. Realizing assets with strong premiums for the original investment
We create investment opportunities that are generally available to
only a select few
packaged for all investors. We also offer multiple investment paths
and in a range of
Investment levels within different alternative asset classes.
Västra Nygatan 8
26871 Teckomatorp
Tel: +46 737676534