A Guide to Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ticket Prices

Buying Olympic tickets can be a bit tricky. Below, you can discover Tokyo 2020 Olympic ticket prices by event. Know that when looking at online ticket prices, you may see two different numbers:
Face value: The price at which a ticket is sold in Japan. This number is sometimes displayed in yen or the equivalent in US dollars.
Ticket price: Authorized Ticket Resellers (ATRs) are allowed to increase the fare by up to 20 percent of the face value. This means that if the face value of the ticket is $106.73, the ATRs can add up to $21.35 to the ticket price, and you can bet the ATRs increase it by 20 percent in full, which means the actual price you’ll pay for the ticket in the US would be $128.08 .
The tables below show the different ticket prices for each Olympic event. The displayed price is the total amount you will pay for the ticket (including the fare increase from the ATR).
Opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
The opening and closing ceremonies are probably some of the biggest events in the Olympics, and you can see that reflected in the prices. It was also one of the hardest events to get tickets for. The ceremonies will be held in the Olympic Stadium, which has a capacity of 68,000 spectators.
The opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics
Event                               A                        B                                   C                                   D                                         E
Opening                   $2,969.15           $2,406.37               $1,096.45                      $494.86                            $139.73
Closing                     $2,192.90          $1,775.67                  $853.87                         $397.83                             $139.73

The sport of aquatics consists of five different disciplines: artistic swimming, diving, marathon swimming, swimming, and water polo. The swimming, artistic swimming, and diving events will be held at the Tokyo Aquatics Center, which has a seating capacity of 15,000. Marathon swimming will be held at Odaiba Marine Park, which has a seating capacity of 5,500. Water polo will be at the Tatsumi Water Polo Centre, which has a seating capacity of 4,700.

Artistic Swimming

Event                                      A                                    B                                       C                                   D
Preliminaries                $160.68                         $128.08                              $81.50                           46.57
Finals                             $494.86                         $407.53                              $203.76                       $67.54
Diving Event                       A                                       B                                        C                                     D
Preliminaries                 $116.44                            $93.14                              $67.54                            $40.75
Semifinals                      $145.55                            $116.44                             $81.50                            $58.22
Finals                              $354.16                           $285.28                             $145.55                           $93.14

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