Ol Doinyo Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai
Ol Doinyo Lengai (2878 m) is the only active volcano in Tanzania, and the only volcano in the world that spews carbonate lava. This lava, which is much cooler than regular lava, starts out black but turns white almost instantly when it comes into contact with moisture, making it a very peculiar sight.
Ol Doinyo Lengai means “mountain of God” in the Maasai language, and this mountain has religious significance for the Maasai. Ol Doinyo Lengai is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, with views of Lake Natron, the Great Rift Valley and Mount Kilimanjaro.
This is the perfect destination for intermediate climbers looking for a short trek. The lower slopes are covered with vineyards and citrus trees. Plants get scarcer as you go in elevation, with beech and oak trees giving way to barren ash and lava. For the best views, aim for Ol Doinyo Lengai summit at sunrise.
When to go: June to September

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