Must Have Hardware for Linux Smart Home Projects

If you’re committed to using Linux smart home technologies to automate your house, you’re going to need some supplies.
The following table lists hardware you may want, tells you what it’s used for and where to buy it. Grab your credit card and head to your favorite electronics vendor!

Device                                                                       Use                                                              Buy It Here
Wireless network interface card                        Wireless network access                       Local consumer electronics outlet,
online store, or auction site
Video capture card or device                             Personal video recorder                         Local consumer electronics outlet,
online store, or auction site
CD/DVD burner (optical drive)                      Burning CDs and DVDs                            Local consumer electronics outlet
or online store
Sound card (Most motherboards                Sound card (Most motherboards              Local consumer electronics outlet
have a sound card built-in, so an                      (music and movies)                                   or online store
extra card is unnecessary.)
Speakers and a microphone                       To play and record audio                              Local consumer electronics outlet
(music and movies)                                     or online store
D-Link DSM-320 or Netgear                          Play music                                                     Online stores or auctions
Logitech Orbit or Quickcam Pro              Webcam and video                                             Online stores or auctions
4000                                                               conferencing
SPA-3000                                                    Voice over IP                                                         Online stores or auctions
CM11A                                                          X10 PC serial interface                                         Online stores or auctions
X10 modules                                               Appliance and lamp                                  , local consumer
control                                                                   electronics outlet, online store,
or auction site
CM18A kit                                                    Wireless control of X10                                       Online auctions
Wireless X10 modules (optional)             RF control of X10                                             X10,, and online