Job Opportunity at GGM-Tanzania

Job Opportunity at GGM-Tanzania;- Geita Gold Mine is one of the largest mine that produces gold….

Job Opportunity at GGM-Tanzania

This is a largest mine that produces gold. GGM as the largest mine in Tanzania has been providing many jobs to people of different cadres. Through this mine many people especially young people have been finding employment.

JOB TITTLE: Managing Director 

The purpose of the role:

  • AngloGold Ashanti’s vision is to be the leading mining company. We will achieve this vision by creating a sustainable business in line with AGA’s strategy for our shareholders and business partners without compromising our values.
  • The Managing Director of Geita is responsible to SVP BU for delivery of target gold production at the appropriate production cost margin for Geita Mine. This will provide the shareholder value required for Geita’s continued growth over the coming period.
  • Managing cash flow and available capital for further investment is the main accountability. The incumbent will represent the company in Tanzania, working closely with VP Sustainability to build government relationships.
  • The General Manager is responsible for preparing Board reports and representing the company at all Board meetings.
  • As the AGA globally goes through an active shareholder value analysis, the role is also to work with the BU team to build various hypotheses and, in collaboration with the Project 500 team, analyze and identify the best opportunities for cost optimization.
  • The main accountability will be building the management team’s competence and ability to deliver a critical transformation of Geita, leading to lower costs and higher production output, and improving and stabilizing Geita’s profitability. This must be achieved using consistent leadership processes and systems.
  • The role of Managing Director will be responsible for analyzing risks and opportunities to improve techniques and methodologies for operations, as well as ensuring effective integration of operational activities and driving the annual management cycle, in line with BU, to ensure improved planning operations for all JITA core operations divisions.

Qualifications and experience

  • 10+ years minimum as General Manager of U/G Operations and Surface Operations
  • 20 years of experience in automated U/G mining from multiple operations.
  • Expats/Overseas experience at a senior management level and in mining operations.
  • Earth science qualification, Mining degree preferred.
  • 25 years working experience
  • 15 years U/G, 5 years surface
  • Mechanical U/G Trackless Mining,
  • U/G Managed Mining Contractors.
  • He held senior legal positions while working at the General Motors level.

Leadership competencies

  • Show behaviors consistent with AngloGold values.
  • The ability to build relationships
  • Team-based focus
  • Proven ability to organize and prioritize tasks and work under pressure to meet set deadlines.
  • Ensure that the quality of the outputs matches the needs of the company.


The role holder has the following responsibilities and authorities relating to the role of the General Manager in the overall context of the AGA CAR and GGM system and operations.


  • Demonstrate conduct consistent with the AGA’s safety vision and values
  • Responsible for Zero Accident and Accident Requirements for Jetta Mine
  • Ensure that all jobs adhere to and implement AGA safety standards within the Central African Republic.
  • Ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed by all jobs and that their safety programs are prepared annually, measured and continually improved, thus creating a safe environment where employees can work and their families can live.
  • Responsible for Geita’s housekeeping quality across the board.

Strategic management of Geita 

Responsible for

  • Improve operational effectiveness and production efficiency to support one to five year production targets
  • Ensure business surveys and metrics are developed to measure and monitor environment improvement as continuous improvement programs are deployed over 5 years.
  • Develop strategies for the business unit that will recognize changes in the country (i.e. political, social, legal, business) in order to maintain and maintain a certain segment of operational competitiveness;
  • Develop LOM plan options with the support of multifunctional resources being made available to ensure a reliable and achievable production plan, thus positioning the mine for stability in current operations and future growth potential;
  • Integration of the work of all production units and support functions so that goals are achieved in such a way as to optimize assets and conform to plan;
  • Continuous business improvement, asset protection, and implementation of new approaches lead to best practices among peers within the industry.

Job Opportunity at GGM-Tanzania

Sustainability, stakeholder engagement and communication:

  • Work closely in a side relationship with the Vice President for Sustainability, agreeing on external communications and
  • Company stakeholder engagement models in tanzania. Sustainability is responsible for the development of these and other other environmental and societal programs outside the mining fencing.
  • Provide support to the Vice President of Sustainability when required to support relevant environmental and community development programmes.
  • Involve internal and external stakeholders on business-related matters operating within the framework of corporate and regional stakeholder communication and engagement standards, guidelines and strategies;
  • Take the necessary measures to abide by and protect the environment in accordance with legislation and company values ​​and policies;
  • Establish a proven track record of health, environment and safety in mines and within the community with a proactive approach to operating in line with the larger AGA strategy and directions;
  • Ensure that all measures are taken to secure and maintain licenses to operate within the time frames required by legislation in all jurisdictions in which Geita has current and future interests;
  • Involve internal and external stakeholders to ensure all matters relating to operations, working in a cross-functional manner with all Geita related unit managers, as well as BU’s Regional Department.
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders, contractors and specialists to ensure that the latest global and regional standards are taken into account, enabling Geita to operate “ahead of the curve” in terms of standards and procedures.

Risk Management

  • Responsible for identifying and managing operational risks and issues in the plant, in accordance with global and local occupational health and safety legislative frameworks.
  • Identify and prioritize all operational risks and liabilities and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of risk mitigation action plans and responsibilities.

Planning and Budgeting:

  • Ensure development of an improved management budget planning system or framework, in conjunction with
  • Finance, in order to demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness in achieving business performance objectives.
  • Analyze monthly variance reports from all departments, identify potential areas for improvement, and fruits outstanding in cost and operations improvement.
  • Understand where the cost savings will come from and identify opportunities for changes in the way the company plans to achieve its promised goals.
  • Analyze business performance and profit margin cost drivers and strive for margin improvement at all times, and analyze the impact of environmental aspects on a company’s ability to produce more at a higher margin.

Reporting, monitoring and evaluation,

  • Provide direct output to the Senior Vice President to ensure all monthly and quarterly Board reports conform to standards, guidelines, and schedules;
  • Monitor and evaluate BU reports in order to make operational decisions and share internal/external information;
  • Monitor and evaluate relevant work parts, and provide analysis thereof to Senior Vice President, as and when required.
  • Prepare CAR reports to Operations Department, regarding trends and improvement of capital projects, leadership systems, processes, systems, frameworks and implications.
  • Reporting on Project 500 regarding identified opportunities for improvement.


  • Maintain and improve GGM’s people planning process, design work in line with business requirements and meet Government of Tunisia legislation.
  • Support line managers to achieve annual and process leadership systems, deadlines, and goals, and guide new and existing managers to appropriate behaviors and values ​​within business management.
  • Increasing the organizational effectiveness of Tanzania’s business, by ensuring that all line managers are trained in the organizational design model and used in the day-to-day improvement of who should make decisions, build their capacity to make more effective decisions, carry out work at the appropriate level of business, and ensure processes and procedures that allow follow-up to completion .
  • Coach and mentor to enable all line managers to achieve operational results safely and within time and quality standards.
  • Ensure competent resources are employed at the right level and people are continuously developed, to deliver best practices in achieving production targets at required quality and cost per ounce, over a longer period of time.
  • Ensuring the right people in the right role to ensure a new and improved future state of operational excellence.
  • Ensuring the achievement of a culture of excellence in performance and setting operational standards.
  • Create and maintain a culture of participatory decision-making, with particular attention to employee value
    proposals, making it the employer of choice in Tanzania and across the AGA Corporation.

Contractor Management

  • Develop contractual models to ensure that the right parts of the work are outsourced, or that the right contractors are taken into account by department heads, when they need to make their decisions.
  • Ensure that there is a contractor management culture in which managers do not delegate oversight of contractors to their employees and that contractors must submit formal and monthly reports against the cost and delivery of the promised service.

Job Opportunity at GGM-Tanzania

Role Authority

The role holder has powers according to the level of signing authority in the CAR Delegation of Authority Policy which can be accessed on the intranet.

Company representation authority:

  • The role holder has the power to represent the Company in accordance with the DoA on the following:
  • Geita Mine Board of Directors
    government officials
  • Non-Government Officials (Direct Output Policy)
  • Media (policy control direct output)
  • Consultants and Contractors (Direct Output Policy to Control Policy)
  • Federation Representatives (Direct Output Policy for Control)
  • Surrounding communities and other stakeholders
  • Chamber of Mines (Direct Output Policy Monitoring)

Application method

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