Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Job Vacancy

Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Job Vacancy;-  Apply For the Latest Job Vacancies at TPA– Chief Officer..

Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Job Vacancy -Chief Officer

The Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) was established by Ports Act No. 17 of 2004. The authority is given the obligation and responsibility to develop, manage and enhance the maritime sector in mainland Tanzania.

The main role of the TPA Department is to enhance the advantages of the geographical location of the marine resources of Tanzania to fulfill its tasks including the provision of services in relation to loading and unloading of freight and passenger services in all ports in Tanzania.

TPA’s vision is to lead regional maritime trade and logistics to excellence, and its mission is to develop and manage ports that provide world-class maritime services and to promote outstanding logistics in East, Central and Southern Africa.

The Foreign Trade Department continues to take substantial improvement measures to change its performance to maintain its competitiveness within the region.

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Duties and Responsibilities

I. Assist the ship captain and perform ship navigation control duties.

II. Responsible for the entire port freight operations which include loading, unloading and freight planning.
III. Responsible for the maintenance of the deck including the gear and cargo gear Portable on board ship, ship hull and accommodations.

IV. Responsible for the life-saving and firefighting equipment of the ship.

V. Responsible for managing the litter on the deck and the accommodation portion of the ship.
VI. Responsible for the ballast operation and ballast dismantling that takes place on board the ship.

VII. Supplying, maintaining and controlling records and other paperwork on behalf of shore management.
VIII. Public safety responsible for the deck crew.

Qualifications and work experience

  • Holder of the certificate of Competence CoC III (Navigational Control Officer)
  • Certified Qualifications in First Aid, Firefighting, Survival and Other Officer Duty Certifications,
  • Pass Seafarers Medical Exams and must have at least 3 years experience as a Ship Officer On lakes or ocean-going ships.

Salary Rank: TPGS 6


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