Introvert vs Extrovert Meme

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Or maybe a combination of both?
As reported in MBTI Step II manual, introverts and extroverts take up 57% and 43% of our population. What a surprise to know introverts are the majority!
So many introverts vs extroverts memes flow around the Internet, showing the radical differences in the way they think and act.
Extroverts love to talk while introverts love to listen. Extroverts recharge on socializing while introverts refuel on solitude. Thought the differences can sometimes cause trouble, there’s no one better than the other.
If you are wondering where do you fall on the spectrum, here are some hilarious but accurate introvert vs extrovert meme.
Honestly, introverts don’t feel bad being the loner at lunch. They are better off alone with sandwiches and thoughts. If you are an extrovert, think twice before knocking at their driver side window.

Go big or go home, introverts have no problem choosing the latter one.
Try to drag introverts out on a Friday night? Good luck with that.

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