Africa: Which is the Poorest Country in Africa 2023

The largest number of the world’s poor live in Africa. The poorest of the poor live in extreme poverty, with a gross income of less than US$1 per day.
The countries of the poorest of the poor in Africa are spread across the continent, from West Africa to the Indian Ocean, across sub-Saharan Africa to the Horn of Africa.
The economies of these 20 countries share a common theme: disaster, natural and man-made.
There are people in almost every country who live in fear of poverty, and most of them work hard even in the poorest country in Africa to avoid it. In these poor countries of Africa, unfortunately, it is not enough to work hard to avoid the devastating reality of want.
Here are the reasons people in 20 countries famous enormous obstacles to find a way forward from poverty. We have ranked these countries in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita, the total economic production of the country divided by the number of people in the country. But we also list each country’s GNI (Gross National Income) per capita, the amount of money per person that stays in the country out of all the value of goods and services it produces. These figures can be very different, and that too tells a story.

1. Burundi
GDP $727, GNI $210
2. Central African Republic
GDP $823, GNI $510
3. Democratic Republic of the Congo
GDP $843, GNI $550
4. Somalia
GDP $888, GNI $310
5. Niger
GDP $1213, GNI $540
6. Malawi
GDP $1234, GNI $500
7. Mozambique
GDP $1331, GNI $460
8. Liberia
GDP $1413, GNI $530
9. South Sudan
GDP $1420, GNI $1090
10. Sierra Leone
GDP $1608, GNI $1670
11. Madagascar
GDP $1697, GNI $1540
12. Eritrea
GDP $1820, GNI $699
13. Togo
GDP $1821,GNI $920
14. Guinea-Bissau
GDP $1951, GNI $1020
15. Burkina Faso
GDP $2207, GNI $790
16. Mali
GDP $2271, GNI $830
17. The Gambia
GDP $2278, GNI $2240
18. Guinea
GDP $2320, GNI $4760
19. Chad
GDP $2428, GNI $680
20. Benin
GDP $2552, GNI $1280