New Job April 2024 at Catchafire Volunteer: Leadership Coaching for Agriedo Hub

New Job April 2024 at Catchafire Volunteer: Leadership Coaching for Agriedo Hub
Volunteer: Leadership Coaching for Agriedo Hub
Help Agriedo Hub by speaking with a member of their organization for a few sessions about how to become a more effective leader.
Our Mission
To support youth in agribusiness value chain to grow their business venture.
What You’ll Work On
6-8 coaching sessions with a staff member
Actionable steps and advice to address an ongoing managerial issue
Assessment of the effectiveness of the Organization’s leadership team
Additional Details
I would like to learn more about business leadership to be able to support youth in our hub grow their leadership as well
Your Skills
Executive Leadership
Your Experience
Experience in leadership training and coaching
Experience in a key leadership role at a company or organization, either as an executive, advisor or board member
Your Availability
Works remotely from anywhere
6-10 hours over 6-8 weeks
Why You’ll Love Volunteering With Us
Enhance your skills while supporting a cause you care about
Gain samples of work & references to add to your portfolio
Directly impact a community organization on the ground
Work remotely & create your own schedule
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