The history of Simba and Yanga Derby can be divided into several periods:


Early Years:

The first derby between Simba and Yanga was played in 1965. Since then, these matches have been played regularly, usually twice or more a year. This competition that is “Dar Derby” has been very competitive, and sometimes it has had a lot of excitement in the whole country.


Team Achievements:

Both teams, Simba and Yanga, have succeeded in winning titles and making a name for themselves in Tanzanian football and abroad. The Simba and Yanga competitions adorn Tanzanian football and contribute to the development of the game in the country.


Struggle and Hostility:

The Simba and Yanga derby is known for its fierce competition and constant surprises. The fans of these teams are very passionate about their clubs and sometimes participate in social events and protests before matches. Although many Simba and Yanga fans may have personal friendships off the field, when they are on the field, they become bitter rivals.


Sometimes Derby has been hit by violence, but efforts have been made to strengthen security and ensure that the matches are played peacefully.


The Derby between Simba and Yanga continues to be one of the most exciting events in the sporting calendar of Tanzania and East Africa in general. It is a match eagerly awaited by many soccer lovers and it shows how soccer can be more than just a game, but also a part of the national and social identity in Tanzania.

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