Driver Job at Embassy of Ethiopia in Dar Es Salaam May, 2024

Driver Job at Embassy of Ethiopia


The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s Embassy in Dar Es Salaam is inviting suitable candidates to apply for the Driver post.

Candidates: You must be available to work on the weekends, after hours, and on holidays as needed. keeps a watchful eye on others and their environment, acting appropriately in an emergency. oversees the monitoring of mechanical repairs made by dealers or other vehicle service providers, and coordinates periodic servicing.

  • Be familiar with the traffic rules, street patterns, key building locations, government offices, organizations, and diplomatic missions of the host country in order to deliver products and passengers in a timely and safe manner.



Education Requirements:

  • Secondary School or complete advanced Level
  • Speaking and writing of English Language




At least five years of experience in a Driver position.


Excellent time management, communication and observance to protocol.

  • Ability to use GPS/online maps
  • Formal appearance and dress at all times
  • Medical/Health checks will apply
  • Demonstrated capacity to work effectively, constructively and flexibly in a smaller- sized office environment
  • The successful candidate must have a legal entitlement to live and work in Ethiopian prior to recruitment.



SECURITY– Who can submit Security clearance from the Police commission of the United Republic of Tanzania.




Interested Applicants shall submit non-returnable copies of relevant documents until 10 May 2024.



Embassy of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Plot No.230, Yasser Arafat Road,
Oyster Bay, Kinondoni Municipality
Dar Es Salaam