Get the kids to exercise

Get the kids to exercise

Helping your kids get off the couch and get fit prepares them to become healthy adults. Here’s how to take advantage of children’s natural love of movement and keep the whole family in good shape:

  • Plan for new traditions. Is Saturday morning sausage and pie time? How about replacing that with a brisk walk to the local park or a bike ride around town?


  • Make physical activity a family policy. You may even have to make exercise mandatory. But after the kids roll, they won’t fight anymore.


  • Reduce screen time by keeping the TV and computer out of your child’s bedroom. Only 30 percent of children say they have time restrictions on watching TV, playing video games, or using a computer. But when parents set limits, kids reduce screen time by three hours a day.


  • Go on adventurous outings in the neighborhood or the woods. Or take your kids to the park to play soccer, Wiffle ball, kickball, or climb up the gyms in the woods. Young children love games like red light/green light, Simon says.


  • Put fun first so kids don’t feel judged by their athletic performance. Instead of constantly correcting their form or praising them for their skill on the soccer field, let them find their groove and focus on the great time they are having.


  • If your child is a gamer, consider an active game. Games like Wii Fitness and Dance Dance Revolution burn calories and develop coordination while providing a lot of fun and entertainment.