Study Online Customer Habits Using Server Logs and Analytics

You can access your website’s server logs to get valuable search engine optimization (SEO) data about visitor numbers and behavior. It’s also a good idea to include analytics in your web pages, which are programmatic actions that a website can use to track user behavior on the site. Talk to your IT department or webmaster and see what they can tell you about web traffic and user behavior on each page.
If you want to add more analytics to your website or want to know all the available options, you can check out the following resources:
Web Analytics Association. The Trade Association of Web Analytics Professionals is a good source of information.
Google Analytics. Free Google Analytics Help and Resources.
Omniture. A major vendor of analytics software.
Additionally, some tools can look at your website’s recent traffic and tell you where visitors came from and the search terms they used to find your website. This is very valuable for SEO. Knowing where your users are coming from can give you clues to their goals. For example, if your site sells shoes and you find a lot of visitors come from youth soccer sites, they are likely looking for soccer shoes and children’s shoes. This information can help you design your site to help these visitors find exactly what they need.