4 Great Apps for News for the iPad

Reading on the iPad may be one of the most popular activities for iPad users, especially when it comes to following the news. Of course, the iPad includes the Newsstand app, which is a place to collect publications and subscriptions, but you may want to explore a news aggregator or want a specific publishing app for its unique features. This article shows you some of the best news apps.
Newsy: Video News
TechCrunch described Newsy: Video News (by Media Convergence Group, Inc.) as a “must download”. If you want to see world events in small video snippets, choose from categories like World, US, Politics, Business, Entertainment and Technology to download the video stories that interest you to watch offline. You can download in either standard or HD quality, read text for each video, search for the source of the story, comment on it, or share it. You can also create playlists of stories and watch them online.
All world news radio
You can listen to over 1,000 news stations around the world to get a truly global perspective on current events. This news search engine can find your local stations automatically as well. One great feature is that you can play these radio stations in the background while doing other work or playing games on your iPad. All World News Radio also allows you to record programs so that you can play today’s news again tomorrow.
Watch ESPN
The Watch ESPN app (by ESPN, Inc.) allows you to get live video streaming of all kinds of sports from multiple ESPN channels. From regular season games to playoffs supporting the entire hot wings and pizza industries, you can watch soccer, tennis, soccer – you name it. You’ll also find sports news programming and all the usual commentary made up of personal opinions and insightful hindsight.
Reuters News
Reuters is one of the oldest providers of news from around the world, and the Reuters app continues the tradition of news for business and professionals. If you take your news seriously, you will enjoy well-written articles on everything from news events to entertainment and the stock market. You can even upload your content offline to read it when you can’t be connected.