Why Were Chainsaws Invented? Learn the Reasons Behind and all About it

You probably pull your knees together after reading the title, but yes, the chainsaw was originally invented to aid in childbirth. Before the common use of cesarean section, all babies had to pass through the birth canal. Which is definitely logical.
But, as we know, kids can get crippled there if they are cramped or too big. When babies can’t breathe or get stuck in the pelvis, parts of the bone and cartridge are removed to make more room for the baby. This is called “symphysiotomy”.
The procedure was originally performed manually using a small knife and saw to remove the bone. All this was done without anesthesia for a woman in the middle of childbirth. It took a long time and was messy and obviously painful.
Now, if you’re really confused, we get to the saw part. The thirteenth floor illuminated us with this unknown date of this common saw. Two doctors invented the chainsaw in 1780 to make removing the pelvic bone easier and less time consuming during childbirth. It was operated by a hand crank and looked like a modern day kitchen knife with small teeth on a chain wound into an oval shape. We’re sure you fancy those noisy things that can chop down trees in seconds, but thankfully, this thing is a little less intimidating and looks like a medical device.

Still, anything with the word chainsaw, knife, saw, or blade coming at your downstairs in a completely conscious surgery is terrifying! Here is the first surgical chainsaw used for those symphysiotomies.
Soon, the saw was used for other osteotomies and organ amputations in the operating room. Then it evolved into a woodworking tool when people noticed how quickly and easily anything could be accessed. It became bigger and more powerful and eventually grew into the beast we know today.
Symphasiotomies are no longer performed but sometimes still occur in “third world” countries where there is no operating room available for caesarean section. But it is no longer performed in the United States.
Well, there you have it, the unexpected and very terrifying history of the chainsaw. Who knew that the scariest power tools were originally intended for your most sensitive part?

Designs of saws used for childbirth

In fact, the truth is not as terrible as it seems.
You might immediately think of a modern industry when referring to a chainsaw, right?
However, the birth tools have a different design compared to the modern version nowadays. It doesn’t look as big, dangerous, or terrifying as the 90cc saw.
The inventors designed the medical saw in a compact model that resembles a knife with a chain.

As you can see, the medical saw is much more compact than the modern saws that we use nowadays.
The birth machine is not powered by an electric motor. Instead, the user has to rotate a hand crank to operate the chain.
Fortunately, it is not difficult to find evidence of saws that people use to give birth. You can easily find photos about this medical tool on the Internet.

Who invented chainsaws?

Two doctors in Scotland designed and invented prisms in the 1780s. They are James Jeffrey and John Aitken.
Their idea of ​​the saw was to combine the chain teeth of a watch with a hand crank.
John Aitken and James Jeffrey discovered that saws had more uses in medicine. Some of the medical procedures that we can list are:
Diseased parts of osteotomies
Affected pieces of meat
After some time, people developed track saws to make them more supportive of the work of the industry. Modern devices nowadays run on an electric motor and can provide fast cutting of large objects.

Problems using saws for childbirth?

The procedure for using saws for childbirth is defined as an symphysiotomy.
In detail, many people explain symphysiotomy as an outdated surgical method. The procedure widens the mother’s pelvis by dividing the cartilage symphysis.
This way, doctors can have easy access to the child.
Unfortunately, the procedure leaves behind multiple problems for women.
As people continue to use this method in Ireland, many pregnant Irish women have had health problems as a result.
After giving birth with a chainsaw, mothers lost the ability to walk and stand on their feet.
Moreover, chainsaw birth led to multiple consequences that last a lifetime. Women may have problems with their vagina and the small bones inside.

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